April 10, 2009

Vote for Jason and Marci!!!!!!

My friend Heather over at Little Miss Know It All has some friends trying to win wedding photos. Please read the following and let's help Jason and Marci get their pics of that special day for free!!!

Fellow coupon blogger Marci (and sometimes contributor to this site!) is up as a finalist in a pretty big contest–to win free photography for her wedding! Marci’s recently engaged, and was surprised to find her chosen photographer was running a contest giving away her services for free to one lucky couple. Well, Marci and her fiance are now in the final three couples! Marci comments and emails great deals all the time, and I’m sure you’ve seen many of her contributions, maybe without knowing it. If you’ve been through a wedding, you know that quality photography is often one of the top three expenses!

Would you please take a sec and go vote for Jason and Marci? Its neck and neck between her and the next finalist. She could use all the votes she can get! And after voting, head over to her page for a giveaway she’s doing for people who vote! And one other note–you can vote once each day, so make sure to return again and again to help her out! (you get a new entry to her contest each time you vote too!) Right now there are only 600 votes–we have more than quadruple that here each day, so we can make this an easy slam dunk for Marci if you’ll take a few seconds and vote! Thanks guys!!!!

Go Marci! Go Marci!

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