April 15, 2009

Super Doubles at KMart all next week!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!

My friend Becky over at www.nickels-n-dimes.com tells me the stores here in the area are DEFINITELY doing Super Doubles!!!! Get those archived coupons out everyone!!!!! I would go on Sunday....saves the hassle of rainchecks...

Heather at Little Miss Know It All DOES know it all!!! She is clueing us in on the great sale next week at KMart.....follow her lead....she'll save you a ton!!! Check her out at http://www.littlemissknowitall.net/ Check out her story about KMart below...

I’m cautiously excited! Kmart Super Doubles return next week–and the Cincinnati/Northern KY areas are included this time! If you live in the Columbus area, call your local store–as some are even doing triples!
So, what exactly does this mean? Well, we aren’t exactly sure, not until the ads come out on Thursday. In the past Super Doubles has meant coupons up to $2 double–meaning a $1.50 coupon is worth $3, and a $2 coupon is worth $4. Anything over $2 is at face value. Overage is not allowed–meaning, if an item is $1.25, and the coupon is for .75, it will only double to $1.25.
In the past I’ve gotten cat food, dog food, shampoo, cleaning supplies and even some food items free. Its not a bonanza–but there are good deals to be had. Also, Kmart is rarely well stocked for these events, and they do not offer rainchecks. If you go, I suggest you go on Sunday.
So, 3…2….1….of to Ebay I go!

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  1. In case you have not heard, they ARE having super doubles in our area starting the 19th. Just passing along the update!