April 09, 2009

Great deals at buy.com

Check out THIS great deal at Buy.com for an on the go battery charger for your I-Pod. It’s 75$ off right now and with FREE shipping, you could receive it for only $9.99 OOP!
While you are there, check out THIS great deal at Buy.com for a Weather Radio / Flashlight for $18.99. Regular price is $99.99. With free shipping, this is a STEAL!
I have found (big time) that Netbooks are becoming the new “IN”. They are small and portable and allow you to stay connected without toting around a big ol’ laptop. Check out THIS great deal at Buy.com on a Dell netbook for $299.99 with FREE shipping. Regular price on this one = $799.99.
HOLY COW! THIS deal is HOT! 4 Cordless phones (reconditioned) with answering machine for $39.99. Regular price of $139.99 offers you a savings of $100.00 and, you guessed it - FREE shipping!

Thanks to Becky over at nickels-n-dimes for this great find! Please go check out her blog and definitely sign up to get email updates....she seems to find THE BEST deals!!!
Sorry Becky...haven't figured out to link it yet!!!!

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