April 06, 2009

Multiple coupon usage changing at Kroger

My coupon partner in crime visited a Kroger yesterday and has alerted me to changes coming (or already in place) to Kroger concerning usage of multiple coupons on same item....below is her email to me.

Had another run-in with ****** - the coupon Nazi at Kroger Latonia. Apparently, they have now instituted their own not-in-writing-anywhere-for-a-customer-to-see-or-know-about-it that they will only allow 5 identical coupons to be used. It was presented to me yesterday. I questioned where it was posted and she said they have it privately posted for employees to know but it is nowhere in the store for the customer to know. I then asked how she could enforce something she doesn't have posted and her response was to tell me they had been doing it for 2 months now and if I wanted to talk to Jeremy, the latest store manager, I could. I told her I would be e-mailing corporate again and called her by name so she knows I know her name now. I then went to the Service Desk to get copies of the new insert (since none are delivered out here) and she assumed I was there to complain and offered to get him for me. I just told her what I wanted and left. I did have them take off the additional items they were refusing to use coupons for and told her I would pick which ones they voided and then assured them my future business would all be at the Walton Marketplace who does not impose such unorthodox schemes on people who use coupons.

And, a friend of mine noticed that the new Kroger ad mentions NOWHERE that they tout their "UNLIMITED DOUBLE COUPONS EVERYDAY" policy anywhere. I checked mine and she's right - no mention of it at all - maybe this is the future of Kroger??? I know Meijer forced this same thing on me the other day for the $.75/2 Ortega coupons - they would only let me use 5 - also an unwritten policy there too.

Keep an eye out my coupon subjects...I will try to find a copy of the new policy and post it here.

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