March 29, 2009

Multiples, Multiples, Multiples

I can't stress enough the importance of buying more than one Sunday paper in order to have multiple coupons especially if you are trying to stockpile when it's on sale. My trip to my local WalMart this morning should be proof enough. I purchased the following...

2 bags Tidy Cat litter 1.77 each used 2 coupons 1.00 off each
5 16 ounce bottles Kraft Salad Dressing 1.58 each used 5 coupons for 1,50 off each from today's Smartsource insert in Sunday paper
3 Lipton Cold Brew tea pitcher bags 2.62 each used 3 60 cent off coupons
1 Ken's Healthy Option Salad Dressing 1.38 each used 1.00 off coupon
1 Underwood Chicken Spread 1.46 each used 1.00 coupon from this month's All You magazine (which I will tell you about in a moment)
1 NYC Lip Shine 1.72 each used 1.00 coupon from All You
1 People Magazine 3.49 each used 1.00 off coupon from All You
1 All You Magazine 2.49 each used 50 cent off coupon that is in the recent issue of All You
1 pound WalMart butter quarters 1.50 each (no coupon but I needed it)

My bill started at $31.97
After coupons #17.17

The Kraft Salad Dressing (if you didn't catch that) was 8 cents each after coupon

A reminder to those here locally in Greater Cincinnati area....Sunday Enquirers are 1.25 at Remke's right now...I always buy 5.
If there is a good coupon out there in Sunday papers and I don't want to buy any more papers...I will buy them online from people like Dede is reasonable to purchase from and she takes PayPal. She also ships very quickly. I personally am thinking about buying some more of the Kraft Salad Dressing coupons from her.

Happy Couponing!!!!

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