March 29, 2009

All You Magazine

All You magazine...what can I say? IT'S WONDERFUL!!!!! I have been reading about this mag and in my coupon class last week, I finally got to see a copy. It seems this magazine is only sold at can find it at the checkout. This month's issue has $51.00 worth of savings in's a taste of the coupons you will find in it...

Free Rimmel Mascara (this is Buy one get one at CVS this week so you could get 2 freebies with this one)
$1.00 off next issue of People
50 cents of your next issue of All You
1.00 off any Underwood Spread
75 cents of one bag Halls Cough Drops (Kroger will have these for 1.00 each from time to time making them free after doubling)

I recently found a 2 year sub to this mag for 17.95 but the deal is over. It is 2.49 per issue but the savings I got out of it today (and used) at WalMart not only paid for my mag but also the 5 papers I bought this morning!!!

Go buy a copy and check it out....the Mascara alone is a 6.47 value...they were out of it at this location but I will keep looking...

They also have a wonderful website where they share daily savings with us..... I'm telling's worth a look!!!

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  1. Check out this deal I just bought my subscription last night. I love this magazine!