March 24, 2009

Couponing 101

I want to start giving basic advice to those of you who are just getting started doing this. My simple mantra to this is that you can't buy it ONLY when you need it. You HAVE to buy it when it's on sale AND you have a decent coupon. So having said more than one Sunday paper so you will have multiple coupons. Here in the Cincinnati area they have discounted Sunday papers for 1.25 at different places...right now it is at Remke's Markets. I never buy Sunday papers on holiday weekends because, as a rule, they don't have inserts those weekends. You can go see previews and schedules of coupons at This site will tell you not only how many inserts will be out each week but also what will be in them.

I will be posting matchups from coupons to store sales in the future but until then....use your coupons at places where they double them.

Let me give you an example of this...I literally have 150 rolls of free Cottonelle toilet paper I got for free at Kroger with a 50 cent coupon they doubled to 1.00 and they had 4 packs for 99 cents. The deal is over as well as the online coupon but I wanted to wet your appetite for savings!!!!

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