August 04, 2009

New Printable Coupons from Andrea at Mommy Snacks!!!

There are so many coupon goodies to bring to your attention given the new month for coupons!

With the printable coupons, be sure to print them right away if you think you will use them! Not only do you have a limit of two printable coupons per IP address, but the printable coupon companies have limits too. Once those print limits are met, the coupons are removed from the sites. No more can be printed whether you got it already or not! has several new printables too which can be printed in the widget in my right side bar! Many of the coupons are also participating products for Box Tops for Education! Some coupons worth the mention:

  • $1 on 2 Bic *woo hoo, it was reset*
  • $.75 Cheez-It Crackers
  • $1 on 2 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits
  • $1 on 2 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies
  • $1 Yoplait Yo-Plus

CoolSavings has new coupons available to print too. Some coupons worth the mention:

  • $.55 Pillsbury Simply Cookie Dough
  • $1 Yoplait Yo-Plus *print them here and at*
  • $.55 Trix Cereal
  • $.50 Chex Mix
  • $1.50 Axe Shower Gel

RedPlum has a few good ones. You can print RedPlum coupons from my RedPlum coupon page. Some coupons worth the mention:

  • $1 on 3 Del Monte Fruit Natural Cups
  • $.50 Yogos
  • $1 Marzetti Produce Dressing
  • $2 Scott Paper Towels
  • $1.50 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats *hasn’t left yet*

Upromise eCoupons has a new set of e-coupons too. Remember, these don’t come off your total but are deposited into your Upromise account. Sign up for Upromsie today and register your CVS and Kroger (and affiliated stores) cards to start saving today! You can read my Upromise snack here. Some coupons worth the mention:

  • $1 Weight Watchers Frozen Ice Cream Novelty
  • $1 on 2 Post Cereals
  • $.45 Little Debbie 100-Calorie Packs
  • $1.50 Spray N Wash Bright N White Detergent
  • $1.50 Huggies (Supreme)

Cellfire has a new set of e-coupons available. You can clip coupons in the Cellfire banner on my ride side bar to go directly to the site and load your e-coupons! You can read my Cellfire snack here. Some coupons worth the mention:

  • $1 Honey Nut Cheerios
  • $.40 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes
  • $.50 Chex Mix
  • $1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt
  • $3 on 2 Huggies Diapers

Shortcuts has their new e-coupons available. You can read my Shortcuts snack here. Some coupons worth the mention:

  • $.50 Big K OH! Cola
  • $.75 Kroger Frozen Novelty Item
  • $1 Energizer Batteries
  • $2 Pull Ups
  • $1.50 Huggies Diapers

P&G Esaver coupons expire on August 31. You can read my P&G Esaver snack here. Some coupons worth the mention: $1 Gillette Hair, $2 Aussie Product, $1 Bounce Dryer Bar, $2 on Venus Razors, $1 Pampers, $1.50 Luvs and many more!

And, don’t forget that you can also purchase manufacturer’s coupons {from Sunday Inserts} from a clipping service too. Several popular coupon clipping services are: The Coupon Master, The Coupon Clippers, and Coupons & Things by Dede

Be sure to check out Taylor Town Preview for the 2009 Insert Schedule (on the right hand side at the bottom of the page) . Also, Sunday Coupon Preview has the previews for weekly coupon inserts now too!

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