August 01, 2009

New Blog Friends Added To The List

I had recently added a Blog list here on my site of the ones I love to go to in order to find the best deals. I'd like to welcome 4 recent additions to the list today....Amy at Tips From a Mom of 3....De Anna at Buck-A-Day....Danielle from Business Mommy...and Nate over at We Use Coupons (Sorry you weren't there before now, Nate!). All of us were together at the big coupon swap today along with Becky from Nickels-n-Dimes (the organizer)...Katie from Cincinnati Cents and Andrea from Mommy Snacks. It's always nice to catch up with other bloggers and put a face with a Blog if you had never met them. Please visit their sites and dig will lead you to all kinds of savings!!!!


  1. Hi Beth -
    Thanks for the shout out! It was great meeting you today at the Back to School Social. I'm still amazed by all the school supplies that were donated - such an awesome cause!

    By the way, kudos - your site looks great!

  2. Katie...

    It was AWESOME to meet you today!!! Were you at the class I took from Becky earlier in the year cause you looked very familiar to probably didn't cause you are way better at this than I am...LOL!!! Anyway...any tips on my Blog is much appreciated...take care!!