May 03, 2009

I met greatness yesterday....Mr Coupon

I recently came across a website I hven't even been able to scratch the surface of this one yet as he has SO MUCH information and sources to go through. We had talked through the site a few weeks ago and I found out he is local here in Northern Kentucky living in Villa Hills.

Anyway....I was in Walgreens in Crescent Springs yesterday and saw this man with a well organized small accordion coupon organizer and he's getting all these diabetic meters for free (which is a common deal) and they are also giving him 5.00 back in Register Rewards with each one. I commented on what he was doing and happened to catch a glance of his business card and figured out he was MrCoupon from the site. I was delighted!!!! We chatted for a bit...he remembered me and I gave him my card and he said he would link me to his site which I thought was very nice.

Moral to the story....go check out his site....poke around and you will also find Virtual Classes FOR FREE that you can do right from the site. There is also a page called Blog Wall....oh my GOODNESS...soooo many other blogs to go to from there in order to find the most bang for your buck!!!! Make sure to sign up when you go...oh's free, too.

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