December 09, 2009

Want To Know How I Do What I Do???? Sign Up For A Private Couponing Session

Many of you have asked me how I do what I do. I didn't just start clipping coupons once in a while. My knowledge has come from years of doing it and discovering the wonderful world of blogging on the Internet. This being said....I am going to start offering private sessions to teach you all the tips and tricks of getting the most for your money. Here are the details...

I can come to your home or you can come to mine...but you must have internet access at your home. There are fees involved....$10.00 if you come to my home...$15.00 if I come to yours. These are the same prices that are charged locally for coupon classes when a group is assembled but the difference are the only one getting my attention.

If you want to have a years' supply of Snuggle dryer sheets...Cottonelle toilet paper...Colgate toothpaste and many other things like I have me at I can help!!!!

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